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personal details in resume

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Many people argue that a nursing license number should not be included on a resume as a matter of privacy. However, nursing license numbers are a matter of public record. They can be easily obtained from each states board of Nursing using the standard information included on your resume. . Providing the license number simply makes the recruiters job easier. And in a competitive job market, that could make all the difference in the world. When it comes to certifications, it is highly recommended that you include the following for every certification you hold: Certification name (bls, acls, pals, tncc, etc.). Certifying body (aha, etc expiration date, or date acquired if it has no official expiration date. Availability: Unlike most professions, nursing is conducted round-the-clock.

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City, and State, you might also consider adding a description that includes achievements, awards, scholarly organizations and activities, or your gpa if it was really high. Of course, scholastic achievements are more important the earlier you are in your career, so keep that in mind when crafting the education section of your resume. Finally, you may also wish to include details on any continuing education units youve taken hypothesis within the last 2 years. Bonus: Are you bilingual? If so, be sure to include it on your resume! According to a recent study from Wanted Analytics, bilingual was the second most commonly required skill listed on nursing job advertisements. Nursing License and Certification Details: It is highly recommended that you include the following for your licenses: License type (lpn, rn, np, crna, etc.). Licensing State/Body, name on license if different from name on resume. License expiration date, license number, if the license is part of the. Nurse licensure compact, then state it clearly.

Did you do any scheduling or mentoring? You may choose to place these items under their own heading. However, this isnt necessary. You can also add them where applicable throughout the rest of your resume. Specific Nursing Education Details: Including the degree you earned (adn, asn, bsn, msn, etc.) is resume a must. Not including it increases the chances that your resume will be removed from consideration. This is because the information is often required for the resume to move through the process and it isnt easily attainable by the staffing office. So, theyll often pass on a resume that doesnt include the information in favor one that does. Provide at least the following information about your education: Name of school, degree earned, beginning date, completion date.

personal details in resume

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Professional Affiliations: There are literally thousands of potential professional affiliations for nurses. In most cases, employers want to know if how you belong to any. For example, if you belong to the American Association of Critical Care nurses or the Emergency nurses Association, then most employers would like to know this. Include the following information: Affiliation name, your date of admission, offices held. Brief description of your role or reason you chose this group over others. Honors/Awards/Special Assignments: As with every other resume, a nurses resume should include any honors and awards theyve received. Examples include honors and awards from school, work, volunteer work, professional affiliations, and even how social clubs. Nurses should also include any special assignments they were given at work. Did you ever take charge duty?

Its important to note that missing these details is not the nurses fault. Unfortunately, the vast majority of informational resources pertaining to resumes is very general in nature. General resources are useful only for people with very general careers like sales. These resources are mostly useless for nurses. Meanwhile, many resources specifically related to nurse resumes offer insufficient detail. Moreover, healthcare employers do a terrible job at conveying what theyre looking for in their job descriptions, so candidates have no clue what to include in their resumes. Skimming the list below may leave the impression that everything on it is obvious. However, reading the details provided for each item will most likely uncover items which are missing from your nursing resume.

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personal details in resume

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Share this article 5002.8k00, as healthcare recruiters, we reviewed thousands of nursing resumes. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them were missing multiple details that were important to the nurse managers and Nurse supervisors who were largely responsible for making the hiring decisions. Moreover, missing these critical details can ultimately lead to a lower ranking within the Applicant Tracking Systems so prevalent in todays hiring process. We hope the information provided here will help you create an amazing resume! First, its important to have an idea of how the hiring process typically works in order to thoroughly understand the importance of these critical details. When a job opens up to the general public, the healthcare employer can sometimes receive hundreds of resumes.

In some banking cases, the resumes are electronically ranked. Applicant Tracking Systems that award higher rankings for resumes that include the critical skills and experiences sought for the job. In any case, staffing office representatives, mostly recruiters, will review the rankings and resumes and pass along the best candidates to the hiring managers. Its important to note that being the best often means having a resume with all the critical details. If the information isnt there, then the resume stands a far greater chance of being removed from the process.

Your mailing address or city and state. You can include your full mailing address (street address, city, state, and zip code or you can just put your city and the state abbreviation. Consider using your complete state name if your state abbreviation is easily confused with another, like mo, ms,. Use a conventional email address not one with an inappropriate connotation (like ). During your job search, you will need to check your email regularly so you don't miss an opportunity.

If you don't have an email account, there are many free online providers (including Yahoo! And Gmail) that you can access at your local library or Internet cafe. A link to a professional online profile or personal webpage. These links are generally included with your contact information but may be listed in another section, like additional information. Review our Resume tips and Strategies lesson for more information and advice on including web links. Open our Chronological Resume template and save it to your computer as my resume. Enter your own information into the document as you progress through each lesson in this unit.

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Include it if that is how you are known in your field or how if your name is fairly common and you want to distinguish yourself from other job candidates with the same name. You can use your given first name (e.g., Elizabeth) or your shortened first name (e.g., liz or Beth). However, don't use a nickname, especially one that can lead someone to form an opinion about you (e.g., Ace or dizz). Your home and cell phone numbers are acceptable to use, and you may even want to include more than one number. However, make sure the numbers you include are ones you can actually take calls on as they come. Your current work phone number is not a good choice if your employer does not allow personal calls or if you don't want your current company to know you are looking for another job. Make sure you have a reliable (as well as appropriate and polite) voicemail message in case you miss a call, and be sure to check your messages regularly during your job search.

personal details in resume

However, we recommend that you avoid listing. Box unless you are able to check it regularly. Email address you'll most likely be contacted by potential employers via email, so it's especially important to include an email address. Personal webpage In today's digital age, professional or personal webpages are becoming more common. LinkedIn is a particularly popular site to exhibit your professional information. If you have a linkedIn profile or another professional webpage, you may want to include your link in internship the contact information. Your first and last name. Your middle initial is optional.

via email, so it's especially important to include an email address. Make sure to check your email messages regularly when searching for a position, as many employers now expect quick responses. However, be sure to use a professional email address. An address like may give an employer the wrong impression. Phone number, list your preferred phone number for employers to contact you. Make sure that you have a professional and courteous voicemail greeting in case you are unable to answer the phone. Address Include your full mailing address in a standard format, like this: Address More often than not, a potential employer uses your address only to see where you are located. You can include your full mailing address or only your City and State.

You probably already know that your contact information—which includes your name, address, phone number, and email address—should always appear at the top of your resume, regardless of which resume format you are using. But did you know that some employers actually use the contact information section to screen undesirable candidates? They may pass you over if you live in another part of the country in order to avoid paying relocation costs. Or they may form a negative opinion of you if your contact information is inappropriate in some way. A lot of hiring managers today will even use this information to search essay for you on popular social networking sites to see what is posted about you. So what should you include to make sure your resume doesn't get eliminated? Name, always put your full name (first and last) at the top of each page of your resume. You can use your given name (Joseph or a preferred name (Joe).

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When writing your resume contact information should be prominently displayed. Learn all about where to put this information. Contact information, regardless of which resume format you use, you will still need to include the correct information written in a way that sells your professional expertise to a hiring manager. What you choose to include on your resume can make or break your entire job search effort. So what should you include to improve your chances? It all starts with your name and other contact information. In this lesson, you'll learn what contact information to include and how to place it on your resume. You will also have an opportunity to create your own resume starting flight with adding contact information. What contact information should you include?

Personal details in resume
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  6. These details are sought by nursing managers but often left off of a nursing resume. Add them to improve your resume whether you're an rn, lpn, or aprn. Select a free resume template and build a free resume as a word or pdf document. A site with huge collection of best sample resumes which you can use while applying for a job.

  7. Personal Free resume bootstrap Template on bootstrapMade, personal is clean, minimal and professional looking resume template. A brand new resume template with unique style is here. Get tips on how to use skills, experience, and accomplishments to bulk up your personal trainer resume. Find resources on the best certifications for trainers.

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